Friday, November 27, 2009


- let us remember how the first settlers celebrated their victorys over the native americans, that is what this fake holiday is derived from. stealing land, killing the "savages," breaking treaty after treaty. and today the native americans have their reservations, and casinos. hooray! we have come so far. let us revel in our stupidity by stuffing our faces with enough food to feed the hungry for a year in one sitting. america, you gluttonous bastard.

Friday, November 6, 2009

- we really like this one. here it is again and again. those are the hard facts, this is the hard fact - that's what you knew when you said it and-you-were asking to...thats what you wan-ted to do.

- saw a thing about a jim-jam compilation from panama, one of us HDC'rs dudes homeland (1/2), just like that dick pitcher from NY... he's ok, fuck the yankees, we dont even like baseball... now ruiz, he's from panama too. anyhow, classic scenario, this white dude went down to panama, bought up a shit-ton of '45s, picked out the ones he liked,
acts like he saved the music of panama for the future. ill probably buy it anyhow. those fuck-bags in ny, big whup... you bought another series, your fans are as dumb and cocky as jeter's face. sports.... sports, sport, sportapulous!
peace - hdc.