Friday, May 29, 2009

piazza @ schmidt's - or - one dickhead's dream...

- this is bart blatstein, a developer in philadelphia. more specifically, a developer in the (what has become) awful neighborhood of northern liberties. this neighborhood is now filled with all of the grossest ills of society, including fine dining for whiny little ninnies, apartments and condos for mouth-breathing, poodle owning fuck-jobs.
and on the fringes lie the hipsters and artists and what-have-yous milling about pretending to be part of something which will never materialize. these artists have become a perfect beacon of hope for this neighborhood, or at least bart blatstein's vision. this vision is surrounded by rhombus and parallelogram shaped buildings with acute angles and slanted columns strewn about in hopes of creating some sort of "architectural period fusion."
in these hard times, the powers that be have realized that the key to progress, growth, and gentrification is spawned by artists unafraid to shack up next to the poor, jobless, undesirables that the rest of middle class america has moved away from as fast as possible. when these artists begin to transform a forgotten neighborhood, whether it be with a shitty mural, a shitty garden, or a shitty store. meanwhile mr. money-bags looks on with amusement and hungry eyes. he says to himself, mine, mine, mine... it is then bought and sold, and real life along with it.
what would you sell out for? maybe you've already sold-out.... what exactly is selling-out? modern day carefree artists and musicians will claim there is no such thing as selling out. making points such as, "money's money", "if not me, someone else," "i have a baby" and so on. whats worse than selling out is selling out for free.
and that brings me to my point. these artist who were offered "terrific deals" (although none of them will say how awesome these deals are/were) sold out to a developer who will reap the benefits of these first maiden voyage crew long after 70% of them go out of business. and what for? these artists were duped into believing, as one of them called it, "a sort of utopia" was about to happen, when in fact, this is nothing more than a pathetic mall. what is the point of this piazza? this blowhard blatstein somehow believes he is the chosen visionary sent forth to transform northern liberties into a european city... this is not anywhere close to europe, except for maybe being mocked by even the dumbest europeans, much like the often overlooked "french quarter" around rittenhouse.
it's really sad that so many were so easily taken. there is nothing artisitic or DIY about this piazza, it is a sham. with all the vacant storefronts throughout the city, how is it these fools were tricked by the blatstein? cheap rent, thats what it comes down to. selling out for some cheaper rent, with a hope, a dream, that someday your store with your knick-knacks and your bric-a-brac will have a break thru and really make it. no fucking thanks. fuck this place. fuck blatstein. fuck northern liberties. and fuck these so-called artists. what city do you all think you live in?
santa fe?

lesson 1: do not take hand-outs from the man, he will fuck you and cram semen down your throat til you apologize for your insubordination.

mural arts program: thats an idea for the side of that blank wall next to the

Sunday, May 3, 2009

mtn. high recording sessions

- here they are, the nerds of mtn.high laying down 3 albums simultaneously.
notice the calm, cool demeanor... shedding the ruckus behavior of yesteryear.
look for some of these jams to "leak" all over the place in the coming months.